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Alysma Technical Requirements

Due to the rich graphic environment some hardware requirements must be met to be able to enter Alysma.However, almost each desktop and many laptop computer bought in the recent 10 years will meet those requirements:

For a fair performance, you should have:
Pentium 4/1800 / Celeron/1800 MHz or AMD Duron/Athlon 1400+ and better
or a Notebook with a Pentium M/1500 and onboard graphics
 -> These computers are being typically sold since the year 2002

Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows Server 2003/2008 or Windows 7 (Home, Professional, Ultimate), *

512+ MB of RAM
500+ MB free disk space
3D graphic card/onboard chip with 64+ MB RAM
(eg. GeForce or Radeon or Intel)

ISDN internet connection or 3G mobile phone connection 
Microsoft Direct X Version 7.0

For an high performance, we recommend:
Pentium Core Duo/Quad, i3, i5, i7 or AMD Athlon 3000+, Phenom and better
or a Notebook with a Pentium Core Duo and dedicated graphic card
-> These computers are being typically sold since the year 2006

Windows Vista / Windows7 (Home, Professional, Ultimate), *

1024+ MB of RAM
1000+ MB free disk space
3D graphic card with 512+ MB RAM,
(eg. recent GeForce cards or recent ATI Radeon cards)

DSL/Cable internet connection or Highspeed mobile phone connection
Microsoft Direct X Version 10+
*  It is possible to run the program using the WINE emulator on Linux and MAC, even with good results - however, we are not able to guarantee success or give any support about it. As a hint, you would need to look up with WINE the settings/prodecures that are used or information on how to run the "Activeworlds Browser version 5.1"

** On entering Alysma and while exploring the world, large amounts of graphics are being downloaded. These data will be stored on the hard disk and won't have to be downloaded again on subsequent visits, but the initial downloads will comprise of a couple of 100s of MB. In this regard, we do NOT recommend visiting Alysma on a mobile phone connection WITHOUT  having a data flatrate tariff.

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