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About Alysma

Technical Requirements

Download the Alysma client for instant access to Alysma!
Für die deutsche Programmversion bitte hier klicken
Pour le programme en français clic ici

The AlysmaPilot program runs "out of the box" on Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7.
For Mac and Linux, you can run the program using a windows emulator using OpenGL graphics mode (settings for "Activeworlds").

Download AlysmaPilot here (.exe file)
actual Version: 51-217 (2012-07-12), ca 7.0 MB

or   Download AlysmaPilot here (.zip file containing the .exe file)

After downloading, simply execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: On Vista and Windows 7, do NOT install the program into the "program files" directory,
rather create a new, exclusive, directory for Alysma on a drive, something like "C:\Alysma51"

If you do not follow this advice, on Vista and Windows 7, the installation program will need to be run using "Windows XP Compatibility Mode" (right click on program name -> properties -> checkmark the compatibility mode) ... or you will run into problems with the file rights management!

After the installation has finished, you can start the Alysma program and enter the World of Alysma!
If the program asks for your the internet connection, choose "autoconfigure" for the best network access.
Everyone can do it - it is very simple!

Installing and Uninstalling the program:

Installing AlysmaPilot does not invade any parts of the operating system and does not try to obtain any data of your system!

AlysmaPilot can be easily and completely removed from the system by running the normal Windows software uninstall option. Just deleting the whole AlysmaPilot directory will also remove AlysmaPilot from your system, however, a program extension link will remain in the system registry (which has no impact on the operating system integrity or your privacy in any way).

If you still run into problems, please send an email to:  help18 <at>

We hope to see you soon in Alysma!

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