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Technical Requirements

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About Alysma

What is Alysma?

The virtual world of Alysma was founded in the year 2000 and is a community project maintained and run by the project group Simuly as a leisure and fun oriented virtual reality world.

Alysma has - and doesn't need - external "sponsors" oder share holders. Alysma is not pursuing any commercial goals except to cover ist operating costs.
Alysma was and will always remain a community project of its founders and citizens. As such, Alysma membership (citizen) fees will only be used to maintain and constantly enhance the world and to cover its costs of operation. Furthermore, and since the very beginning,

Alysma is free of commercial advertisments!
Alysma isn't selling anything except the membership to Alysma!
Alysma members data are not monitored, published or used in any way outside of Alysma!

Other than most other virtual worlds and communities, Alysma does not have - or need - any "sponsors" or share holders. And Alysma is not pursuing any commercial goals other than covering the operating costs. Alysma does not want to appeal to just a specific group of people or to be "hip" or to be in existance only for a short while.

Our members always liked the sense of community, which has been very familiar all the time, the mixture of natural and comic-like graphic environment and the vast space or the world, in which one can roam for many days without having seen it all. They liked to be able to build and decorate their homes and to contribute in many possible ways to the design and appeal of the world. This all is the core of Alysma, and this core will remain unchanged as long as technology will grant it!

As an international community, visitors from non-english speaking countries are welcome. However, they should be able to communicate (preferably) in english, in french or german language; the main language inworld is english. The Alysma program can be downloaded with an english, a german and a french user interface.

What can I do in Alysma?

The typicals actions in Alysma feature chatting, exploring the world, enjoying the environment and building/decorating one's property. Some island on Alysma require roleplay and sometimes, there will be games or competitions.
Every citizen may contribute to the community and world by ideas and design enhancements (avatars, graphics, sound, etc.).

Alysma is NOT a world in which you can fight someone or something, in which a ranking can be obtained or in which items can be bought or sold! We also do not fancy people visiting Alysma for the purpose of "dating" other visitors.

The Technology

Alysma uses the licensed technology of ActiveWorlds, which is constantly developed since 1995, as one of the first virtual world platforms - however, Alysma is running an unlimited license and is independent from this company and its products.
The technology includes distributed server computing, true 3D graphics with OpenGL and Direct3D support, a multilingual client program, an integrated internet browser, the possibility to include pictures and sounds and supply VoIP capabilities.

The technology is well known for its core, network and client stability, its support for most Windows versions (2000/XP/Vista/7) und its low hardware requirements towards the processor, memory and graphic capabilities of a computer.


Alysma is meant to be a meeting place for all nationalities and ages, and in this regard, the content in written form and spoken form is mostly oriented towards this rule and children under parental control are welcome to visit as well.

Some eternal rules of Alysma

Alysma is a liberal and free-speech world, however, personal slander and harassing is not tolerated at all and may result in immediate termination of membership or right to enter Alysma - no matter what name or function a perpetrator might have!

PLEASE NOTE:Discussions about politics or religion, as well as adult topics, may be restricted, at the discretion of the moderators, to certain parts of the world, or, temporarily, even at all!

Alysma is a friendly world and even suited for children under parental supervision. However, when you enter the world, you do so at your own risk of encountering content that you might not want to see, read or hear. And even though there are moderators present in Alysma, the visitors are ultimately self responsible to maintain and design the community and to make it a place where everyone feel welcome.

We will always do our best to introduce new citizens into the community. However, we do expect that all visitors watch their behaviour and language and always maintain the friendly atmosphere of Alysma. In case of problems, the moderators will gladly help, intervene, mediate or give hints and information.


You can contact our central email address at help18 <at>
Please feel free to write in english, german or french language!

The content of this website is protected by international copyright acts and laws! (c) 2000-2013 by Simuly/Alysma